Fully Managed Cloud Service

VisioLogix Advanced Cloud Ecosystem, ACE, takes Cloud services to the next level by creating a complete heterogeneous repository of data for digital evidence. ACE eliminates equipment costs and ensures the most optimized BWC deployment possibilities through cost control and superior service. ACE does not limit you to a single vendor as we support data from body-worn cameras, in-car video recorder, DVR/NVR, and other media files from different sources.

Innovative Software

We’re your one-stop-shop for tested and approved Evidence Management Software solutions – the same enterprise-class software used as On-Premise or full Cloud or Hosted deployment. Empower your security teams with industry-leading technology and software designed specifically for Law Enforcement and Security market.

Body Worn Camera System

VisioLogix provides a robust solution for managing all your body worn cameras (BWC) videos and metadata. We support multiple BWC manufacturers so select the models that best fit your needs and budget.

We’ve designed CITE Camera to be easy to use allowing you to get running in minutes. We’re committed to delivering a feature rich product with a low learning curve – Our user’s guide is less than 15 pages.

In-Car DVR

VisioLogix defines a mobile DVR as more than just a recorder for cameras, it must allow more functionality, run efficiently, and be easy to manage and offer expandability with an easy upgrade path. Based on VisioLogix 5th generation Intelligent mobile video recorder. The In-Car Video Recorder provides a multipurpose, low maintenance and low cost, in-car DVR for law enforcement and mass transit market.