Free Evidence Management System (EMS) by VisioLogix: Enhancing BWC Programs for Smaller Police Agencies

VisioLogix is committed to improving public safety and supporting crime victims by addressing system gaps and providing innovative solutions to common problems. We are thrilled to offer a grant program designed to aid municipal police departments and county sheriff’s offices in establishing or enhancing their body-worn camera (BWC) programs. This grant is tailored for smaller police agencies with fewer than 15 cameras, providing free access to our robust Software as a Service (SaaS) Evidence Management System (EMS). By combining this grant with current Federal and State grants for BWC, law enforcement agencies can allocate more funds toward BWC and in-car video units. Our goal is to enhance officer interactions with the public, build community trust, and gather essential evidence for prosecuting crimes.

Program Highlights:

  • Grant for SaaS EMS: This grant program allows smaller agencies to access VisioLogix’s EMS delivered via SaaS at no cost. It is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the specific needs of law enforcement.
  • Use of Third-Party BWCs: While our EMS integrates seamlessly with VisioLogix equipment, it is also compatible with third-party body-worn cameras. This flexibility ensures agencies can use their existing equipment without additional costs.
  • Secure and Reliable: VisioLogix will host and maintain the EMS software in our secure data center. Registered law enforcement agencies can deploy a local storage server using a standard PC, utilizing our free HydraSOS software for secure communication and data transfer.
  • Free Community Support: The grant program includes free support through a community web platform. Agencies should register at least one primary contact account to access this support.

Key Features of VisioLogix EMS:

  • Complete EMS System: Managed by VisioLogix’s experienced system engineers, ensuring smooth operation and reliability.
  • Automated Uploads and Data Retention: Free Windows software facilitates easy classification, upload, and retention of data.
  • Unlimited Classifications: Define as many classifications as needed to organize evidence effectively.
  • Unlimited Data Retention: Customize file retention policies to meet specific requirements.
  • Chain of Custody: Track who accesses files and document any changes made, ensuring data integrity.
  • Redaction Tools: Automated and manual blurring of sensitive information, such as faces and other objects, for privacy and compliance.
  • Total Control: With data stored locally, agencies maintain complete control over their evidence, providing peace of mind.

How to Apply: To apply for this grant program, fill out the form below. We encourage smaller police agencies with fewer than 15 cameras to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance their BWC programs and benefit from a reliable, secure, and scalable EMS solution.

Grant to Protect Police Officers Form
Please enter your Agency name
Please enter your Agency physical address (if needed, this is used to ship evaluation equipment.
Please enter your Agency City
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Please provide the make and model if your Agency uses Body-Worn Cameras (BWC). This is to check compatibility with the upload process. If you're not currently using BWC, leave this field blank.
Please select the total number of cameras currently in use (if none are used, choose 0).
Installation Assistance
Please let us know if you need assistance setting up your local storage server.
BWC Status
Please indicate if you plan to use your current body-worn cameras or will be purchasing VLX's new BWC models at a discount.
Cloud Options
If you're interested in Cloud storage, please select the options above.
Please provide any other additional information that would help with your setup.

Join us in our mission to support law enforcement agencies in improving public safety and fostering stronger community relationships. We look forward to partnering with you through this grant program. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

Local Storage Server Requirements:

  • Minimum Intel®/AMD® Dual Core 2.4GHz (Quad or better for redaction service)
  • Requirements: Windows® 2019 Server or latest 64-bit (Windows® 10 Pro can be used for 16 or less devices)
  • 8GB RAM (Recommend 32GB)
  • OS Drive: 120GB SSD (1TB or more for redaction service)
  • FOR DAS ONLY – Minimum Data Drive: 5TB Enterprise Hard Drive installed as RAID1 (USB Drive for use as Primary Storage is NOT supported)
  • Microsoft® IIS Server (minimum version 7.x)
  • 1500W UPS Battery Backup
  • Publicly accessible dedicated fully qualified domain name or IP address.
  • High-speed Internet connection (minimum 25Mbps DOWNLOAD/UPLOAD)
  • TCP 443 Firewall Port open to the server
  • Additional servers specs for different services can be found here.

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