VisioLogix Hosted Services

Hosting service delivers on-demand computing services – from applications to storage and processing power – typically over the internet and on a pay-as-you-go basis. Rather than owning their own computing infrastructure or data centers, Customers can rent access to applications and storage. One benefit of using Hosted services is that Customers can avoid the upfront cost and complexity of owning and maintaining their own IT infrastructure and simply paying for what they use when they use it. VisioLogix offers two types of hosted service: Cloud and Software as a Service or SaaS. What’s the difference?

In simple terms, with VisioLogix Cloud, we provide all the infrastructure, software, and support to run the evidence management system (EMS). VisioLogix SaaS, we offer the same except customers get to use their on-premise storage. With both solutions, EMS is available online 24/7 with support available based on the selected Plans.


VisioLogix Advanced Cloud Ecosystem (ACE)

VisioLogix takes you beyond the traditional Cloud, providing optimal methods for agencies deploying an Evidence Management System (EMS). The VisioLogix ecosystem encompasses more than just Body-Worn Cameras as agencies now deal with in-car video, security cameras, and other digital evidentiary data.

The VisioLogix Advanced Cloud Ecosystem, or ACE, takes Cloud services to a higher level by creating a comprehensive heterogeneous repository of digital data from multiple sources while minimizing downtime.

ACE provides flexible options to manage deployment costs, network performance, and growth issues by supplying all the advantages of having the latest equipment and infrastructure services and eliminating the headaches and mystery costs associated with operating an Evidence Management System.

ACE manages costs, ensuring an optimized BWC deployment through cost control methods and providing a superior level of service. ACE does not limit you to the typical single-vendor model as third-party Body-Worn Cameras, and Cloud storage providers are supported as well as media files from various sources.

VisioLogix ACE provides highly reliable and multiple platform systems for capturing, managing, and storing evidence data. ACE has three simple service plans: Premium, Camera & Cloud, and Platinum.

  • Premium offers US Law Enforcement agencies full use of our comprehensive evidence management system for an annual cost of $660 per user with absolutely NO time restrictions or commitments. VisioLogix is providing agencies with 15TB of free cloud storage at no charge.
  • Camera & Cloud provides all the features of the premium plus:
    • 15TB of storage instead of 5TB
    • Camera is included2
  • Platinum – “All you can eat” solution—VisioLogix’s most comprehensive solution to no hidden costs. A single monthly fee with unlimited storage per user allows for straightforward budget pricing.

VisioLogix SaaS

VisioLogix’s Software as a Service (SaaS) is a secure service delivered to the customer via VisioLogix FREE HydraSOS software. Hydra Storage-On-Site (Hydra SOS) provides a secure gateway between VisioLogix’s Evidence Management software in the Cloud and customer’s on-premise storage. With HydraSOS, customers with new or existing NAS or server-based disk solutions can use it as on-premise storage. VisioLogix manages the Software and provides the latest releases and support, while Customers provide the storage with the comfort that the data is always located securely on the premises. Leverage your hardware investment and easily project future costs with confidence.

Experience zero maintenance on server hardware and annual comprehensive software maintenance and support from our award-winning support team.

The advantages of HydraSOS are:

  • Full control of data without the worry of maintaining an Evidence Management System (EMS)
  • All software updates included
  • Easy License terms: Monthly or Annually
  • No Long term agreement require
  • Very Low upfront expenditure
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Easy and comprehensive user training
  • Scalable to accommodate any agency size
  • No internal file review or download delays related to slow internet performance
  • No software maintenance contract
  • Worry about backing up local data?
    • No worries, as HydraSOS has built-in VisioLogix Cloud NAS software providing:
      • Data backup or use as a bottomless storage scalability
      • All non-access data can be set to automatically moved to the Cloud
      • Automated retrieval of data simply by accessing the file.

VisioLogix Service Deliveries

VisioLogix provides the same standard features deployed by most BWC manufacturers using CJIS compliance securities, reliable facilities, redundancy network, high availability servers, and dedicated support with a few additional enhanced features.

  • Free evaluation and recommendations based on your requirements
  • Low-cost location assessment and recommendations
  • Low monthly fee based on a per user and storage
  • No long term agreement require
  • Fully automated intelligent Retention Service eliminating manual file maintenance
  • Reliable remote access support
  • No additional software to buy
  • Dedicated support ticketing system to track your support calls
  • Help is available Next Business Day (NBD) M-F 8 am to 5 pm CST or 24×7
  • 24×7 Automated System Monitor of your docking stations – part of the Administrator dashboard